About Us

Started with Mithila art and craft also known as Mithila Painting, eMithilaHaat is working towards the preservation and promotion of the dying rich art and culture of India.

eMithilaHaat is a ‘Not-Just-For-Profit’ organization set up with the sole aim of helping the artisans of Mithilanchal to get a marketplace to feature and sell their artwork and earn the glory for the art which has lost in tides of time.

Mithila Painting also known as Madhubani Painting, is a folk art of Mithilanchal (Madhubani and surrounding areas). This art has been in existence since Treta Yuga. This art finds its roots to the time of marriage of lord Ram and the divine princess of Mithilanchal, Seeta.

eMithilaHaat aims to help similar other art and crafts which once used to be the pride of India and now are endangered irrespective of any reason.

Our Mission

  • To preserve the traditional and most famous art form of India which has 4 Padmashree and countless other awards in their belts till date.
  • To provide a distinguished and premier platform to the artisans of Mithilanchal through which they get a broader reach to their global customers.
  • To bring in changes in the lives of women, girls and other artists who are dependent on this art form.
  • To provide elementary education, source of livelihood and healthcare to underprivileged artists and their children.
  • To continuously nurture the young artists.


Though we are not a charity, we believe in empowering the lives and transforming the communities with our relentless efforts. Many lives like Sulekha aunty and her families get better with every purchase you make on eMithilaHaat. Spread smiles and Smile.