An art almost lost in India can be found in a museum of Japan.

The ‘Mithila museum’ , Location: Tokamachi hills, Japan.Mithila Museum-eMithilaHaat Shocked? Amazed? Bewildered? You can be astonished as much as you can. It is a happy truth. An artist in Japan has been putting his enormous efforts since decades to keep the art form of “Mithila Paintings” alive and preserved.

Back in 1982 when Tokio Hosegawa was approached by a group of students who had brought 80 paintings home from their tour to India, Tokio saw an art, that was dying and he was all game to save it by whatever effort he needed to put in. He turned an empty school into the Mithila museum. Since 1988 he has called many artists to Japan, Sita Devi being one of them.

Now hold on your thought process, clear you head and think. What really have we done to save or even help any of our art forms to develop? When has any government setup a museum for this art rather than building hundred crore parks. And till when we’ll be blaming our government?

Talking on individual level, the young generation, we take full interest in buying abstract art since it always will have the imported tag or at least western touch to it, but when did we last say that let’s turn towards our things? When did we thinkMithila Museum--eMithilaHaat let’s trace back to our roots and help promote what was left behind by us when we were too busy running races of modern lives? (Being developed and educated makes it our responsibility to pull up the weaker sections, doesn’t it?).

A man from distant land chooses to dedicate his entire life, career and finances to an art from far away land since it is not gaining enough respect from the people who claim to be from this place but are really searching for their real identities. Why can’t we when it is within our reach?

Although the government of India has appreciated and recognized the “Mithila paintings” but not much has been done for the livelihood of the artists and that’s why they are giving up this work and instead prefer to do odd jobs since they need money.

What do we do? Appreciate. Recommend. Promote. Who knows when things turn the other way round and we might be successful in patronizing (with our love and support of course) the lives of these artists who held their roots for so long and who are the real saviors of our culture.

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  1. Awesome. This was a real amazing stuff to know that there is a museum of Mithila Art in Japan. Thank you for letting us know.


    1. I am delighted to know that i could help you know better about our culture. keep reading 🙂


    1. Thank you so much sir. It is just a small effort, I am glad that you appreciate it. 🙂


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