Gonu Jha And Three Thieves

GonuJhaStories-eMithilaHaat.comMithila is a land rich in culture and traditions. Apart from contributing such a great heritage, Mithila has also given our country many amazing personalities who have contributed in a number of sectors.One of among them is Gonu Jha, who lived during the 13th century. He was in King Hari Singh’s kingdom.

He was well-known for his witty humor and intelligence with which he spellbound a lot of people and also garnered a lot of appreciation from the King. He can be called as Mithila’s very own version of Birbal or Tenali Raman! There are a lot of stories and examples where Gonu Jha proves his intellect and humor. He was known for his sharp presence of mind.

One such short story depicts how thieves were about to break into Gonu’s house, and he used a brainy plan to shove them away and also got them caught!

One night Gonu Jha woke up all of a sudden after hearing some whisper behind his door. He went near the door and tried to listen silently and realized that there were three thieves waiting outside his house planning to  break in. He wanted to get a hold of them without giving them a chance to escape. He silently crept into his bed and devised an idea to get them caught. He woke up his wife who was sleepy and got irritated after being woken up from sleep. He told, ” I’ve something important to tell you” on which, his wife asked what the matter was.


He said “If our first child born is a boy, we will name him Sonu”. The wife was furious with this kind of crazy behavior of her husband, “This is why you wake me up at midnight? Only to say this? We’ll figure it out later when the child is born. Now sleep.”, said the wife. But Gonu Jha didn’t let her sleep. He again said “There is one more important thing. When we have our second child, we’ll call him Monu”. His wife was used to of his amusing behaviors and she simply answered, “Alright. Do you want to tell anything else? Can I sleep now?” To this, Gonu Jha replied, “Yes, when we will have our third son, we will name him Gopal”.

The thieves were waiting outside and listening the conversation, waiting for both of them to fall asleep. Gonu Jha continued, ” If someday, thieves enter our house, we would wake them up by shouting “Hey Sonu, Monu and Gopal, wake up! Catch the thieves that have entered our house”. He kept shouting this sentence loudly until three men arrived and caught the thieves. They were the three neighbors who near Gonu Jha’s house, named Sonu, Monu and Gopal!

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    1. Thanks alot! Will keep writing more about it 🙂


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