Gonu Jha’s Reward

GonuJhaStories-eMithilaHaat.comMithila is a land rich in culture and traditions. Apart from contributing such a great heritage, Mithila has also given our country many amazing personalities who have contributed in a number of sectors.One of among them is Gonu Jha, who lived during the 13th century. He was in King Hari Singh’s kingdom.

He was well-known for his witty humor and intelligence with which he spellbound a lot of people and also garnered a lot of appreciation from the King. He can be called as Mithila’s very own version of Birbal or Tenali Raman! There are a lot of stories and examples where Gonu Jha proves his intellect and humor. He was known for his sharp presence of mind.

Last time we introduced you to Mithila’s Birbal, Gonu Jha. You read how a barber conspired to burn Gonu alive in fire by placing a letter on King’s father tomb. Read the full story here if you missed it.

Gonu Jha's Reward-eMithilaHaat.com

Be it a logical discussion or discussing the solutions for a problem in the kingdom, Gonu Jha had solution to every problem. This used to fetch him lot of rewards. And this was becoming the reason of jealousy for many of ministers and other people of the kingdom. There was a gatekeeper who was posted at main gate who was furious with Gonu as he never spared tip to him even after winning number of rewards.

Once upon a time few intellects from the neighbouring kingdom visited Mithila and challenged the intellects of the kingdom to debate with them on any subject. Though Gonu Jha was not present at that moment, the challenge was accepted as the prestige of Mithila was at stake. Intellects of Mithila started lagging as the debate started and were to lose if the same continued for some more time. Gonu Jha rushed to the king’s court as soon as he got to know from his sources that Mithila’s honour was at stake. The main gate was closed as the debate was going on and so the gatekeeper was not allowing anybody to enter. Sensing the opportunity, the gatekeeper stopped Gonu from entering the court. Gonu Jha tried many ways to convince him but he was adamant because of the jealousy and did not even thought of the reputation of Mithila. Gonu sensed the reason and said “You open the gate. I will give you whatever I will win today in debate”. The gatekeeper opened the gate happily in the greed of prize and Gonu Jha went straight to the place where debate was going on.

Gonu Jha’s arrival changed the face of the debate which Mithila’s intellects were about to lose. Needless to mention that Gonu Jha’s presence brought glory to Mithila by winning the debate. The king was happy with his love and patriotism towards Mithila and hence the king announced that Gonu will be given 100 gold coins. But Gonu Jha refused to accept it which made the king think that Gonu Jha wanted more gold coins and hence the king increased the number of gold coins to 1000. Gonu again refused and said “Lord, I would like to get reward of my choice. Please provide me the liberty to say it before you”. The king agreed and asked his choice to which Gonu jha said “I want 20 lashes as my reward”. All were shocked to listen Gonu Jha and thought he has lost his senses. The king asked him to rethink on his decision. Gonu Jha was undeterred from his decision and the king ordered the sepoy to whip him 20 times as per his wish.

WhippingBarber-eMithilaHaat.comGonu Jha disclosed that he had promised his reward to the main gatekeeper so the reward should be given to him. A sepoy was sent to main gate to call the gatekeeper. “Has Gonu Jha promised to give away his today’s reward to you?” asked the sepoy. The gatekeeper noded in yes and came with the sepoy to collect it happily. But to his queer, gatekeeper saw the arrangement for whipping and realised the cleverness of gonu Jha. The gatekeeper was lashed with 20 whips and since that day he forgot to ask for any tip.

We will again come with a new story in our coming blog post soon. Till then keep smiling and making people smile around you. Do let us know your views and feedback.

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