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eMithilaHaat has initiated a series called ‘Mithila Young Achievers’ to recognize the youths from Mithilanchal who are doing commendable work in their respective fields. Today we will introduce you to a little dawn to Mithila and Indian music industry, Shraddha Shree. Born in a musical family of famous Mithila singer Smt Ranjana Jha’s sister Smt Vandana Jha, Shraddha Shree started singing at the mere age of four seeing her mother and aunts sing. She was recently nominated in the finale of Gima award for her pop song Khuda Mere alongside the most promising and best singers in the industry like Sonu Nigam, Salim Sulaiman, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Bikram Ghosh. Shraddha is here with us today sharing her experience so far and her plans ahead.


Shraddha thanks us for the gift we sent her. We are equally delighted to be able to spread smile on your face.

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Nothing could have been better for a Maithil than to receive these fine pieces of Mithila art.

Posted by Shraddha Shree on Sunday, July 24, 2016


eMithilaHaat: Tell us a bit about your upbringing and education. Where is your native?

Shraddha: My native is Saharsa, Bihar and my upbringing has been very different and awesome than others because I have been in hands of musicians who have shaped me like one since the start. They have imbibed values in me and have also had me hearing good music all the time while I used to sleep. I used to hear one song per bite from mom whenever she used to feed me when I was kid. I am currently in 11th standard and have done my schooling from Venkateshwar International School Sector-10 Dwarka, New Delhi.

eMithilaHaat: Tell us about your mother, father and siblings.

Shraddha: My mother’s name is Mrs. Vandana Thakur and my dad’s is Mr. Raj Kumar Thakur. My mother is a Music teacher in my school and also has been my guide and teacher throughout my journey and whatever I am and wherever I stand,  is all because of her. She is very very sacrificing and  so is my dad who saves me from my mom’s scolding and is very loving and keeps me as his princess. I have no siblings which makes me the only child.  

eMithilaHaat: How often do you visit your native? Delhi or Native? And Why?

Shraddha: I visit my native once every 2-3 years. I would cleverly choose both of them as both have played an important role in my life. But still I find more happiness and peace in Saharsa.

eMithilaHaat: Do you have memories of your native place? There are so many memories that I have of my native place. I remember visiting Matsyagandha temple everyday with my parents and listening to the grand aarti where my Mausi and Mom perform being singers themselves, stealing mango pickles from my neighborhood aunt’s terrace along with my friends, buying a candy called Aam Bambaiyaa with my Dada Jee, running to my friend’s house as soon as mom used to open the gate and listening to ghost stories with my cousins at night under the bright stars. They are all very close to my heart.

eMithilaHaat: Who is your role model?

Shraddha: My role model is my mom as she is lenient and supportive in everything I do. I have a role model set which is a mixture of all my favourite singers like Arijit Singh, Monali Thakur, Ashwini Bhinde, Papon, Adele, Shreya Ghoshal and Ed Sheeran.

eMithilaHaat: How were you inclined towards music? How did your music journey start?

Shraddha: I started singing before I could barely speak. Music has been prevalent in my family since 3 generations so I was gifted with it genetically and traditionally. While my mom and Mausi used to do Riyaaz I used to sit with them and hit notes. I did my first live performance when I was 5 in front of 5000 people in Patna and this was enough for my family to acknowledge my talent.

eMithilaHaat: Have you taken any music class? Who is your music guru?

Shraddha: I have been learning Hindustani classical music from my mother Mrs. Vandana Thakur and am also receiving a scholarship for the same from CCRT Government of India since 2011. I have received senior diploma from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad.

eMithilaHaat: Classical music or Pop music? Which you like the most and why?

Shraddha: It’s definitely classical music. It has the root of every genre and also has ornamentations and it’s own beauty. Classical music is not what many people sing. One needs to have the caliber and training for it and I have always liked tougher things. It has elegance and peace which is why I love classical music.

eMithilaHaat: How has been your musical journey up till now? Tell us a bit about your songs you have done so far.

Shraddha: My musical journey has been very exciting and amazing. From winning inter school competitions to releasing my own album under Universal Music and then getting nominated along some real legends is surreal at the age of 14. I have been really blessed with amazing response from everyone which overwhelms me. My album Shukriya had 3 songs and 2 reprise version -Purwaiyaa, Khuda Mere and Shukriya. The video shoot of Purwaiyaa was really fun. It fetched me opportunity to travel to Singapore and launch my album and become an actor for the video which is just amazing.

eMithilaHaat: Tell us about your experience of being nominated in Pop music category for Gima Award.

Shraddha:ShraddhaShree Salim Being nominated in GiMA was a great deal and I could not believe my ears when I first heard it so I called and reconfirmed it again and again. The experience was awesome. I  am the youngest nominee in the entire GiMA series and getting nominated along such legendaries was a dream come true. Seeing the award show live and being a part of it plus sitting with all the actors and singers under one roof was phenomenal.

eMithilaHaat: What are your upcoming songs or projects? It would be great if you could let our audience know a bit about it.

Shraddha: As of now I am focusing on my studies and waiting for a great break which will help me sing more and rise further with all blessings and love people have showered upon me. A new music is in the pipeline with Universal Music with a newer and more edgy touch than the album for which I got nominated. I have a goal of appealing slightly older audience. Also, I am in the process of paring with the established industry veterans. Hope all goes well and planned.

 eMithilaHaat: How has your life changed from a regular school going kid to a school going celebrity?

Shraddha: Of course my life has changed a lot. Everywhere I go now there are people asking if I am Shraddha Shree and that they love my songs, it is a beautiful feeling. Earlier I was popular in a smaller community of music lovers but now this has lead to all the people knowing me and asking for pictures with me which feels very very special.

 eMithilaHaat: Do you feel the pressure of friends’ and families’ expectations from you?

Shraddha: No, they do expect a lot from me but I do not get pressurized. I just take it as my responsibility to consider them and rise to their expectations.

 eMithilaHaat: We would like to know your favorite actor, favorite actress and one song which soothes you to sleep forgetting all your worries. I am crazy about Shah Rukh Khan and my favourite actress is Shraddha Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. My favourite songs keep on changing. But these days the one song I use as my lullaby is Gulon mein rang bhare from movie Haider.

eMithilaHaat: How do you keep yourself grounded even after so much camera all around and surrounded by glamour?

Shraddha: I would like to thank my family to have inculcated me with such values and to have always told to fly in the sky with foot on the ground.They keep me grounded and I have to keep learning and going on. This is just the beginning.

eMithilaHaat: What is Shradhha’s favorite pastime apart from music?

Shraddha: I love watching movies, playing badminton and going out on a photowalk.

eMithilaHaat: What are your future plans?

Shraddha: My future plans are to pursue music and take forward the legacy of Indian classical music and be one of the most versatile and fine singers.

eMithilaHaat: Lastly, what would you like to convey to the people of Mithila and all of your fans worldwide?

Shraddha: I would like to thank everybody and specially the people of Mithila who listen to me and shower so much of their love and blessings on me. I just want to tell them to keep blessing me and keep listening to good music. Jai Mithila!

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