Mithila’s Paag Bearer : Aswini Jha

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

An ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, Aswini Jha who has been awarded the prestigious Lord Baden Powell national award 2016 is a pride of Mithila rather the whole nation. Be it running after Naxals in the dense jungles of Chhattisgarh, exposing their hideouts, putting them behind the bars, be the task of restoration of law and order after riots or be the kind help to an orphanage in Bastar where he helped the orphan children with his best bit; our Mithila’s Paag Bearer Shree Aswini Jha has done it all. Aswini Jha fondly remembers his posting in Chhattisgarh and many instances of fights with Naxals where he with his team helped evacuate the injured civilians timely. We are bringing you an interview with Shree Aswini Jha who has been doing remarkable work in his field.


eMithilaHaat: Tell us a bit about your background(childhood and educations).

Aswini Jha: I was born in Sajuhar village of Darbhanga. I was brought to Kolkata in my early childhood as my father was working there as a Tax Consultant. I had been a student of St. Thomas, Dasnagar till my 7th class before I got a scholarship from Ministry Of Human Resource Development(GOI) and joined Ram Krishna Mission, Purulia. I studied there from 8th to 10th and then moved to Delhi Public School, Delhi for my 11th and 12th. I moved back to Kolkata for my graduation and appeared for UPSC examination after completing my graduation. I joined as an Assistant Commandant in CRPF after passing the examination and training. Besides being a studious kid I was also sporty and not only played Football and Cricket but also played Gilli Danda, Kancha(marbles) and Kit Kit.

eMithilaHaat: Tell us about your mother, father and siblings.

Aswini Jha: I have profound love for my father and mother who have imbibed me with good qualities of a human being. Whatever I am today is because of their love and support. My mother is a humble and pious lady. I have inherited the quality of helping others from my mother. I am the youngest among my three siblings. My elder brother is working with Indian Railways Patna, eldest brother is working with Wipro, Kolkata and my only sister elder to me lives in Delhi with her husband who is a Banker. It’s a herculean task for us to educate and take care of even one kid these days(smiles Mr. Jha). Our parents owe a big salute for educating and taking care of 4 children so well.

 eMithilaHaat: How often do you visit your native?

Aswini Jha: I have not been able to visit my village for over one year because of the hectic work schedule. But, I feel that my sincere work will be surely a matter of pride for my village and the country. I have to visit many places of Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand for checking deployment related to riots and restoration of law and order. The call of village and people is so loving and nostalgic that I have scheduled a visit to my village this November after a long time.

eMithilaHaat: Tell us a bit about your wife and kids.

RituJhaAndHerKid-AswiniJha-eMithilaHaatAswini Jha: My wife Ritu Jha is a writer and has been associated with Doordarshan, All India Radio as anchor and news reader. Recently her book Tarang has been published and she is getting great response. She has been a source of inspiration for me always. She has got strong faith in my vision and helps me regain my motivation whenever I get dejected for any reason. Many times during my posting in Chhattisgarh I used to be out in jungle for operation for weeks and came back with no substantial achievements. I used to get disappointed for not being able to catch any Naxal and Ritu used to always tell me “It’s not that you have to catch Naxals every time because when you are there you are anyway helping to avoid many incidents which could have happened if you were not on rounds or on your positions.” No matter what I have always found her standing by me with a strong belief in me. I have one loving daughter who is studying in class 5 now. Her smile is something which makes me forget all my worries and hardships I go through.

eMithilaHaat: Which memories of your childhood do you cherish and yearn to relive again if given chance?

Aswini Jha: I often feel nostalgic after remembering my childhood days spent in Santragachi. I yearn to go to the same colony of Santragachi and play Gilli-Danda, Kancha and Kit Kit with the same old friends which might not be really possible.  

eMithilaHaat: Who is your role model?

Aswini Jha: My role model is Swami Vivekananda because of his philosophy and achievements in such a short span of 39 years of his lifetime. His achievements speak volumes about him. He rose like a cyclonic monk of India who took the whole world by storm by his philosophy and thoughts. Following his footsteps even if we achieve an iota of what he achieved it will be sufficient.

eMithilaHaat: What is the best advice you have been given?

Aswini Jha: “You should always try to help others without any expectation.” I am not saying to distribute your salary among the people. Even the charm of your smile can do wonders for many. Just be humble to all.

eMithilaHaat: How did you join Indian Police? Was that a planned career?

Aswini Jha: I always wanted to join a Uniform service and serve my country having lead a disciplined and routine life at R K Mission, Purulia. I had an opportunity of joining the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management for a regular MBA course but I had aspired for serving my country in uniform.


eMithilaHaat: Can you share one of the most memorable moment of your service which you are proud of?

Aswini Jha:  After the training my parents were there at the passing out parade where i was to be awarded the rank. During the investiture ceremony my mom put on the rank flap on one shoulder and my dad put them on the other. I have other in service memories but this remains the most memorable and will be always cherished.

eMithilaHaat: What quote do you live by?

Aswini Jha: “Truth can be troubled but can not be defeated” by Mahatma Gandhi is the quote we have lived by. This quote has been very relevant in our life.

eMithilaHaat: What is your favorite pastime? What is on your book-shelf?

Aswini Jha: During my leisure hours I enjoy being active on social networking sites and watch news programmes. I’ve a huge collection of books on Swami Vivekananda. One or two books which I’ve found very worth reading are “Life beyond death” by Swami Abhedananda Ji and “Mrityunjay” by Shivaji Sawant. The second book is about Karna, the Mahabharata character and I am sure it will make you cry at least thrice during the whole course of reading it. Also, lately you will find my wife’s book “Tarang” on my book-shelf

eMithilaHaat: What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

Aswini Jha: Very few people know that I sing also and I am a big fan of Kishore Kumar. I also enjoy Rabindra Sangeet.

eMithilaHaat: What are your future plans? How do you plan to spend your life after retirement?

Aswini Jha: Calm and peaceful post retirement life. We also have plans to start a restaurant at a junction of 8-10 villages somewhere near my village.

eMithilaHaat: Lastly, what would you like to convey to the people of Mithila rather India and all of your followers worldwide?

Aswini Jha: Work honestly and diligently and sooner or later your work will be surely recognized. I certainly understand that many people doing tremendous work in India get recognized very late and get demotivated may be because of the huge population. But you should never quit doing whatever you are doing with honesty.

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