Singheshwar Sthan – A Gem In Madhepura

India has been a holy land of worship since time immemorial. It is home to many ancient forts and temples. We are unaware about many of them. Bihar is one such state where many temples were built during the ancient times and can be found today. Singheshwar is one of the divisions of Bihar’s Madhepura district.SingheshwarSthanDecorated-eMithilaHaat 8 kms from the Madhepura district headquarters there lies a place known for its religious and historical importance, Singheshwar Sthan temple. It is a popular pilgrimage of Lord Shiva in the country. The temple is daily echoed with number of prayers and aarti performed by people from all over the globe. This place has earned vast religious belief and devotion by people from Bihar and Nepal.

Various stories and myths are prevalent related to the formation of Singheshwar Sthan temple. Its reference is also found in the Varaha Puran.SingheshwarSthanShivLinga-eMithilaHaat It is said that this place was once full of trees and grasslands. Cattle grazers used to come with their cattle to feed them on the grass. They once observed a virgin cow who daily sprinkled milk at a particular place. The place was dug and they discovered a Shivlinga. This place was then built into a small temple by the people who had faith in lord Shiva. It is believed that this place was once the Tapobhoomi of Rishi Shringi who was a devotee of Lord Shiva.

According to another myth, Goddess Kali, Laxmi and Saraswati incorporated into the form of Goddess Durga and she was called Singheshwari (lion rider). Her counterparts Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahakal Shankar incorporated into the eternal form of God Singheshwar. It is said that during the period of Ramayana, King Dashrath performed a Yagya at this place and was then blessed with four sons. Also, the seven ‘Hawan Kundas’ created during the olden times have now become destroyed tanks. The devotees worship idol of Shiva, Shivlinga. People bring offerings for the God and the idol is given a milk bath.


Singheshwar Sthan is not only visited by the people of Bihar, but a large number of pilgrims of the neighboring areas of Nepal and other parts of world also visit this place for worshiping Lord Shiva. Instead of being such an important Shiva temple of the country, it is not easy to reach the place because of roads to the temple in a bad condition which makes traveling risky. The people of this area are dominantly underprivileged and the land is flood prone.

Every year, the Singheshwar Sthan temple organizes a Mahashivratri Mela attended by thousands of people. The temple property has now been declared as public property, which is being managed by a Trust Committee consisting of the officials of Madhepura district. It was once a holy place with clean environment, whereas now it is relatively in a bad state. Number of people visiting the temple is huge whereas the place for accommodation is quite scarce. Though this place is famous and a pride for not only the people of Mithilanchal but also for whole country, this heritage is still unknown to many people of the country.

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