Uchaitha Bhagwati: A Foolish Husband To Kalidas

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Maa Durga, the divine mother of the universe is considered an incarnation of power, glory, knowledge and wisdom. People have been worshipping Maa Durga since ages. She is the form of pure energy also called ‘Shakti’ in Sanskrit and Hindu religious context. There are many places in India where goddess is worshiped in different ways. In the eastern regions of India the four day occasion of Durga puja is known to be a huge celebration. Similarly, in the northern areas Navratri is considered the biggest festival devoted to Maa Durga and her many avatars which is celebrated for a period of 10 days. India has many notable temples like the Twenty-three Palli Durga Temple Kolkata, Shila Devi temple at Amber Jaipur, Ambaji Temple in Gujarat and many more devoted to the Aadi Shakti.

UchaithBhagwati-eMithilaHaat.comOut of these Aadi Shakti Peeth places one is the “Uchaitha Bhagwati” in  Mithilanchal which is considered to be the holy place which changed the life of Kalidas.  Located in Benipatti (a subdivision of Madhubani), the original temple was built before 100 BC when the region was a jungle. Lord Rama, Sita and Janak are believed to have worshipped here. However, the present structure was built during the 1960s. The idol of Goddess Durga in black stone placed in the sanctum sanctorum (garbha graha) of the temple shows her sitting high on the back of a lion in bliss and blessing mood. This is very different from her usual angry and supreme power image, where she rides a fierce lion. Even the lion carved in this temple is sitting in a very calm posture. Here the Goddess is depicted having four arms. She is holding a sword with a wide knife (khadag) in her left hand and a chakra in the right one. She is sitting in a pleasant pose (sukhasana) and has a chakra sculpted on the sole of her feet.

Story Of Kalidas And Uchaitha Bhagwati

KalidasUchaithBhagwati-eMithilaHaatKalidas was married to a princess named Vidyotma who was a great scholar. One day Kalidas left home and came to Uchhaith Bhagwati after being insulted by his wife because of his foolishness. There was a Sanskrit school in the east of the temple and there was a river in between the temple and school. Kalidas started working as a cook in the school. After few days came the season of monsoon and the river flooded with continuous rain. Every day students from the school used to do evening prayers in the temple after cleaning it. Because of flooded river students were not able to go to the temple for offering prayer and they managed to convince Kalidas to swim the river and offer evening prayer.Raghuwansham-eMithilaHaat.com They told him to leave a mark in the temple as a proof that he visited the temple and did evening prayer. Swimming the flooded river Kalidas crossed the river and reached the temple. After lighting the Diya and offering prayer Kalidas started finding something to leave a mark. But he could not find anything. Suddenly he noticed the wall which had gone dark by the smoke of Diya. He took some black smoked ash from the wall on his finger and started searching a place where he could mark. As the whole temple wall was full of black marks because of the smoke, he thought of leaving a mark on Goddess’s face. As he moved his hand forward to mark Goddess’s face, she appeared before him seeing his utter devotion and dedication to finish the task he had taken up. He asked goddess for Vidya Dan (Knowledge) as he was insulted by his wife because of his foolishness. Devi said Tathastu and told him that he will have knowledge of as many books he will touch that whole night.RaghuVansham-eMithilaHaat.com  After reaching the school and feeding students he collected books from every student and touched all of them. Rest is the history. Kalidas has many unparalleled poetries in his name like Kumar Sambhav, Raghuvansh, Meghdut and many more. Not a single person returns empty handed from this temple. On gaining the utmost literary knowledge, Kalidasa became the pioneer of ancient Indian literature. That is why this place is also known as Siddhipith of Kali Das or the Kalidas Deeh. The story of Kalidas is very beautifully depicted on the walls which is certainly a unique experience.

The road to Uchaitha Bhagwati also known as Uchaithasthan is a unique experience. On both sides it is surrounded with statues of the intellectuals from Mithila. After crossing the Madhubani–Sitamarhi highway and reaching Benipatti, it is the Saharghat main road where the Uchaitha village is entrenched deep. Once inside the temple establishment, there are two more temples viz: the Kamdanath Shiv Mandir and Maa Gayatri temple in the eastern corner. You will be amazed to see the rare and remarkable collection of Shivalinga and a Yagya Mandap which is all set for rituals alongside the Gayatri Temple.

Because of the efforts of the government this place has now been included in Sam Vikas Yojna. This decision has led to a more widespread name for the heritage temple. India is a diverse country rich in its culture and traditions. As young citizens, we hold the responsibility to promote our heritages like Uchaitha Sthan.


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