Our Story

How eMithilaHaat Started

They say great ideas and one single moment of epiphany can change the world. The inception of eMithilaHaat has some parallel plot. Every start-up needs passionate entrepreneur, dynamic marketing skills and captivating stories to tell. But the most important factor which fuels the institution with passion and push it to the track of success is a genuine desire to change the world. The tale of eMithilaHaat has similar desire to change the pathetic condition of local artists Mithilanchal and many other artisans treasuring one of the precious ancient yet about-to-die art forms of India

As his routined fashion Ankit Jha (A Software Engineer) in his lunch leisure called one of his cousins. The conversation began and out of the blues he enquired about his aunt who at the time was living in his native land of Mithila. His childhood memories were filled of her immensely vibrant and authentic Mithila paintings and the smile she had every time one of her piece was complete. However, the present scenario was far from ideal. His cousin told him that the financial situation due to low economical market of Mithila paintings in the area led his aunt to ignore her passion and indulge in some other job. This shook his heart and he wondered: What is the point of working so hard every day if I am not even helping the people who have treasured the ancient art forms of their lands and kept the tradition alive!

Thus, began the adventure of founding and working as the institution of eMithilaHaat. He went against the usual advice of the majority and left his job to serve his people. What job is better than helping those who make up your identity and have treasured your tradition. He researched about the condition of the artists who practiced the art of Madhubani painting; their condition appalled him. He vowed to take the challenge and decided to provide these artists with a platform where they will not be abused by the mediator and will receive the right amount of appreciation as well as financial reward for their work.

This one man army soon attracted help from various netizens who were impressed by his works. A team was formed instantly and now the work has begun. The art works are on display for almost everyone residing in the humongous sea called cyber world.

eMithilaHaat’s efforts are bridging the gap that many NRI families have between their culture and their location, the desire to help some ends up helping a lot of other people as well.